Frequently Asked Questions

Is it less expensive to recover my furniture than to buy new?

Not always. In fact, the furniture you own may be of vastly higher quality than newer furniture purchased today. The two most popular reasons to restore your furniture are #1 Sentimental Value #2 Size, function and durability of furniture 20+ years or older outweighs furniture available on today's market. Realistically, newer style furniture will not mimic the styles made in decades past. In an effort to remain at a price point manufacturers will cut costs with respect to the frame materials, springs, quality of seating foam used etc. Keep what you already own! It's a "greener" approach and it can be made to YOUR specifications! What a deal!

How long does this Process take?

Due to high demand for this service we have a variable back log with our work load, possibly as long as 8-12 months. Don't let this put you off! Anyone self employed who has a backlog no doubt cares about their work and will not rush through it. This work takes time to carry out and we do what is necessary to produce a product you, and we, are happy with.

Can I come in anytime during the week to get an estimate and look at fabric?

We are available for new work discussions Saturday from 9 AM to 2 PM (9-1 June, July & August). We used to have the door wide open on a daily basis but the work flow essentially stopped. In fairness to all our customers we work with the door closed Tues - Friday with Saturdays open for walk in questions and consultations.

Can I get my own Fabric?

Sure! We'll work with your fabric or ours. Labor costs do increase if we work with your material (otherwise known as COM - Customer's Own Material) because we do rely on the revenue of retailing material as a part of our income.

Are you a Decorating Service?

No. We have 38 years of experience assisting customers with fabric selection and what I would consider the most valuable asset: it's application on the pieces being considered. We can steer you in the proper direction of fabric choices for the pieces you want to restore. We will also be honest if we feel what you have chosen is NOT appropriate for your piece. Considerations such as sunlight, family room use as opposed to parlor use will help dictate the materials needed for your application.

Do you Pick up and Deliver?

Yes, we do pick up and deliver in the Canandaigua area. Fees may apply.

Our Mission Statetment:

To provide honest, high quality furniture restoration services to those who appreciate fine fabrics, creative workmanship and an eye for detail.

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